Silly Snake 2.0

Snake is back, and crazier than ever



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Edouard SteegmannMaker@nedsteeg · Entrepreneur
Hello Hunters! We are the makers of Silly Snake with @moi_anthony! This is our first game! We launched a first (basic) version in November last year. We’ve received awesome feedbacks on that first version (that started off as a side project) and so decided to keep on going! Over the last months we listened to our players, took advice from indie dev and big game studios, and rebuilt the game completely. We hope you’ll like it as much as we do ;) Looking forward hearing from you all! Have fun playing! Ask us anything!
Antoine Martin@an21m · CEO, Zenly
Just noticed that you guys are featured in the Appstore, congrats ! I've been addicted for a few weeks too... Could you share what's the best score ever? :)
Edouard SteegmannMaker@nedsteeg · Entrepreneur
@an21m Thanks! Yes we got a pretty cool App Store featuring in 80+ countries indeed!! Best score ever is 4370 if you're game ;)
Marc-Antoine Durand@durdurand · CEO & co-founder, Lipp
I love that game ! Reminds me the Snake game on my old Nokia. Very cool :)
Edouard SteegmannMaker@nedsteeg · Entrepreneur
@durdurand Thanks a lot!
Thibaut Davoult@thibautdavoult · Ironhack Paris WebDev track
Really fun game. Glad to see you guys made it easier to access for first users. The learning curve is a lot smoother now :) Congrats and keep rocking it!
Edouard SteegmannMaker@nedsteeg · Entrepreneur
@thibautdavoult Cheers!! We did work a lot on the onboarding/tutorial!
Alexis Bonillo@alexisbonillo · Cofounder & COO at Zenly
I've been playing since the early days and I'm still super addicted! Congrats guys
Edouard SteegmannMaker@nedsteeg · Entrepreneur
@alexisbonillo Really cool to hear that! Thanks!