Silky 2.0

The Desirable 100% natural yoga wear

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Chu Quỳnh Anh
Chu Quỳnh AnhMaker@annchu · Creator who loves yoga and meditation
Why you'll love Silky 2.0: 1. SIlky 2.0 is the world's first yoga wear dyed with 100% plant-based colorants (We are now using avocado pits, coffee beans and green tea leaves). And it is also made of organic silk, we use no chemical in our production. Both make Sillky the very ethical yoga wear. 2. Silky 2.0 is made of the finest organic mulberry silk, which is only used to make kimono for the Imperial house of Japan. The silk is breathable and anti-aging for skins and good for energy flowers. But we add no luxury markup on the price. 3. Made to break the norms in yoga wear, Silky 2.0 has the soul of traditional yoga wear and a charming Parisian body. Silky 2.0 is prominent designed in Paris by artist Truong Tan in the way embracing three disciplines of Indian ancient yoga wear: made of natural fiber, modest and loosen cut. Because materials that are tight fitting and compress the body are not right for a practice that is centered around breath like yoga.