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Hi everyone, we're really excited about this launch together with our friends from @importio. Silk has always allowed people to start by uploading data from spreadsheets and CSVs, but you can now extract data from any structured website and get it into Silk with just a few clicks. We have tons of examples of this in our blog post: it works great for product listings, restaurants, sports listings, etc. Once the data is in Silk, it's easy to analyze, visualize and share the results. To see what people have been building with Silk, check out our gallery.
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I have been following the progress of London based @importio for over a year now - they have some great people working there, some really innovative tech and not to forget a very cool warehouse as an office. Good luck guys!
I'm the lucky engineer who got to work on this project at Silk. If anyone has technical questions about how we did it, please ask.
@lostbean79 How are you guys extracting data from these websites?
@matthui Data extraction is done with the 'magic' feature that import.io offer in their API. After that Silk gets the data and brings it to live! Lovely combination, easy extraction + beautiful visualization!
@francescobovoli - we are already getting some interest from journalists that want to use it for investigative / data reporting, which is a great use case. Also from recruiters and content marketers.
@salar just heard about Silk today. One of our users built this - http://docker.silk.co - by pulling Meetup API into Google Sheets (via Blockspring) and then visualizing in Silk. Lots of possibilities by connecting APIs + Silk. We should chat - paul@blockspring.com.
@pavtalk That's awesome! I took a look at Blockspring earlier this year and really liked it. Will ping you by email later today!
@pavtalk @salar yes Blockspring is awesome! :)