Silk + Google Sheets

Instantly synced data visualizations with Google Sheets Sync

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Hi all! Jurian from here. We're very excited about this launch, since using a Google Sheet as a go-between for your Silk site (we're a platform for data stories with visualizations) lets you automate your data visualizations. You can use IFTTT or Zapier to automatically pull information from various sources into your Silk, or connect a Google Form to let people without a Silk account submit information to your site. Also, check out our blogpost:
@jurb - the Forms are awesome. Now rather than having to push out of some other Form capture tool you could, for example, at a live Webinar, take an audience poll and see the visualizations or the results as charts or maps before the Webinar is actually over. No code required.
Silk is democratizing data visualisation and this is a good example of that!
I've been looking for a tool like this for so long. I had to use batchgeo manually.
This is really cool. For enterprise, what's the data policy like? Do you guys own the data or do users keep ownership?
@mykfmn We never own the data in whole or in part. Users always retain full 100% ownership.
@alexsalkever Awesome. Really like the enterprise applications here. I assume you can charge for keeping sheets private like github
use google sheets all the time - nice plug in