Silk for Journalism

An all-purpose tool for data journalism

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Silk for Journalism, a dedicated program to help news and media organizations use Silk for data publishing and visualizations, is now out of beta and official. Hurray! One example of journalists using Silk is Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat, he's tracking the vehicles involved in the Ukrainian conflict. More info here, my buddy @salar can answer your Q's!
Yes! We've seen a lot of traction with journalists in the last few – whether it's CNN on the measles outbreak, The Atlantic on Ebola or Business Insider on car sharing – and decided to build a program around it. We love data journalism and are happy to support it in anyway that we can, especially since it adds a lot of high quality content on our platform. The Bellingcat Silk you link to is a great example of this and it makes our entire team proud to power projects like that. Happy to answer any questions here!
We've been training teams on Silk for the past 3-4 months and we love working with them. (Disclosure - I work at Silk, too, and and am a former BusinessWeek editor).