Silk 2.0

Publish data online and create interactive visualizations

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Hi Product Hunt! We’re very excited about this major update of Silk which should make it easier for people to get started (you can create Silks by importing Excel sheets, CSV files, Google Sheets, through our API or manually) and to navigate through your data - and we made everything completely responsive as well! With Silk, we’re trying to build the ultimate platform for people to publish their data online. Too much knowledge has been locked up away in spreadsheets and other data sources while it could’ve been online in a friendly format - only for a lack of a proper platform and tools. A few examples of topics that this community might enjoy: Bellingcat Vehicles - an amazing project tracking Russian vehicles in the Ukraine AngelList Syndicates Apple Watch Models Drone Startups CB Insights Unicorn Data Cryptocurrency Companies We would love to hear your feedback on our big update today! :)
I am a fan of Silk, data mining and data visualisation made easy!
I love it that you can embed the charts on your own site. I'll be using it soon for a survey.
Love this.
You can also use it paired with other products like and CrowdFlower to extract or clean data, if you want to create things beyond what you might have in your simple spreadsheet.