Mix ambient noise in with the music you're listening to

Silenz monitors the sounds of your surrounding in a smart way; once it detects a significant sound (e.g. human speech), it reacts by pausing or adjusting the volume of media players.

The app also allows you to hear surrounding sounds mixed with your music.

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10 Reviews5.0/5
I sure wish there was a demo version available for download. $15.00 is quite a steep price for a little utility app like this.
@magnuson Your wish is granted. From now on, Silenz is FREE to download for a limited time!
Now you can try out Silenz for free for 7 days on Setapp:
Hi everyone! I would like to introduce you to Silenz - my indie Mac app dedicated to headphones users. It's a media controller and audio analyser which can react to the human voice and control iTunes or other media apps (Spotify, Deezer, VOX, VLC). I made the app for myself to reduce mundane activities like pausing, turning the volume down and removing the headphones when someone is speaking to me. It can also amplify and mix surrounding sounds with your music. And it does all of this automatically, using advanced audio analysis. I'll be happy to answer any questions about the app.
@_grow_ I'm curious, what kind of audio analysis are you using to make it work? (High level signal processing) The auto pausing is cool. =)
@paulsolt Hi Paul, without getting too much into the details, Silenz computes and analyzes several audio features obtained both from time and frequency domains. To do that it uses FFT and wavelets. Analyzed features are mostly characteristics of a human voice. All of it allows Silenz to discard for example keystrokes, mouse clicks or the sound of a mug put on the desk :)
@_grow_ thanks, that's pretty neat.

I was testing it and really enjoyed the time.


One of a kind, full of useful functionalities, excellent customer support


Where has it been all of my life?

Really awesome. Any plans to integrate into apps that use binaural beats for deep focus or relaxation? (I.e
@cellus_christie Great idea! I would be more than happy if I could make an extension for e.g. @noizio
@noizio @_grow_ @seomarlboro Thank you guys. For those of us that live on our computer managing multiple projects we have to sacrifice real music for productivity music. This would be a super beautiful thing lol
@noizio @seomarlboro @cellus_christie I'm pleased to announce that Silenz 1.0.3 supports the Noizio app!
@_grow_ I was willing to work on a similar product but more focused on hearing protection. When some people are talking I may be tempted to increase the volume to stay focused, then I may be listening to high volume for a long time. The idea would be to have a software automatically decreasing the volume to force me to listen to music at the lowest volume possible and keep my ears safe. I wish there were a freemium version of Silenz. In the description it says that Spotify is available as in-app purchase, do you have to pay again after the $15, and if yes how much ? Thanks!
@qdelaoutre Hi Quentin! To reduce the price of the app I've decided to make extensions available as IAPs ($1.99). There is also All-In Media Control Bundle IAP which includes all current and future media control extensions ($4.99). The problem with freemium is that demos and trials are not possible in the Mac App Store without the subscription model.