The world's first smart lunchbox

Silbo will change what you know about lunchtime. It keeps your meal fresh and cold all day and with the touch of the button heats it up to your desired temperature in a minute. It's dishwasher friendly and will empower you to think about what's going in your body, so you can optimise your health.

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Hi. I have a few questions about this product. 1. What is the difference between the IndieGoGo Special & the Early Bird Special? 2. Is there a digital food scale component to this? In other words, if I want to stick to a single serving of strawberries as a side, do I get notification/feedback once I've dumped the "correct amount" of strawberries into the tray? 3. Is there any integration/ability to sync with MyFitnessPal or does your app replace the need for that?
@ghundermark Hi !1. the price for early bird is only for certain amount of boxs. the indiegogo special its the price for the people who get it on indiegogo. 2. yes in the box we have weight sensors that conect to the application and gives you the details you ask for about your food. 3. our app replace it but we thinkung about this idea to allowed the ability to sync with other apps. thank you for the questions.
@aviadkalifa 1. Are the contents the same?
@ghundermark its quite similar.
I like the idea. Especially keeping things cool all day and then being able to heat it up without a microwave. Obviously, IndieGoGo is a NoGoGo for me, tho.
@joshuapinter Not the maker, but why "Obviously"?
@chaseth Sorry, I guess that's not obvious to most people but I feel like a broken record. I have a self-imposed ban on pre-orders like this. I used to preorder things on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo too much and it rarely turned out well, including the VanHawk bike, Mellow, etc. If they did arrive at all, by the time they did arrive it was no longer novel and competitors were already *shipping* better products. So, I'm no longer allowed to preorder things. I did make an exception for the Model 3, tho. :)