Truly beautiful & real-time Instagram/Twitter streams.

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@kwdinc you never disappoint, Kevin. *fist bump*
@kwdinc re: others in the space, don't forget one of the originals - Echo ( - Full disclosure I'm co-founder there. Silarapp looks beautiful!
@ChrisSaad ah , yea. Sorry! .Adding it to the list :-).
Hi, i'm one of the founders (together with @javve and an other guy not on product hunt). Will gladly answer any questions.
Stumbled upon Silarapp awhile ago after seeing it beeing used real-time at a Hyper Island event on a big screen. A mix of tweets and instagram pictures being shown in a beautiful / minimalistic way.
@javve <- Maker. How does silarapp compares to the ones @kwdinc is mentioning?
@olamoller In my experience @tagboard has the best set of tools and overall experience. cc @jdbt
@BlendahTom But it doesn't look as slick for showing at a big screen when you only want the content. Twitterfall was fairly good in my opinion.
@olamoller This doesn't look slick to you?
@BlendahTom Kevin looks slick, but Tagboard doesn't ;) (but that's my opinion.) Why do they have sharing icons on big screens for example?
@olamoller I would say so people could associate with what is being shared on screen (i.e ooh this is a tweet) and for them to get involved. We use it our events and have had a great response from our fans. my .02 :)
Does it really cost $299 per day? Seems a bit rich no?