Smart marketing through email signatures

#4 Product of the DayAugust 12, 2015
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Super simple way to control email signature campaigns across your company.
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@mikepreuss not if you're running google apps, right? everyone needs to try to do this?
Hey Everyone, I'm the maker of the Sigstr product, and I'd love your questions and feedback! How many emails do you send each day? The average employee sends 10,000 emails every year, so 100 employees send over 1,000,000! It's an unreal channel, but the company marketer has zero control over branding or marketing in 1:1 employee emails. Sigstr makes it uber simper for the company or department to control branding and marketing via the employee email signature. So instead of annoying quotes and poorly rendered images, every send includes the latest though leadership content or an event registration CTA. It takes 3 minutes to set up and requires zero IT effort to manage. Let us know what you think!
@danhanrahan8 only recommendation would be allowing the scale to go above 500 employees - i generally consider 1000 employees or under to be SMB orgs :)
@stttories Great feedback! We have customers with thousands of employees. We just launched the new marketing site this morning, and the calculator allows you to manually enter thousands of employees. We'll get that slider updated for you!
I like this overall idea for sure. The coming soon "Signature" features are what I'd personally be most interested in for my typical use-cases. Being able to make 'brand-level' items conditional and update automatically would also be helpful. For example, 'we just changed our tagline and now with one click can update all employee signatures to show that...' or same goes for things like logo art or web and social media links. Google apps integration is also must-have IMO.
@jydesign Very helpful feedback, James - thanks so much for sharing. We've had a lot of interest in the signatures feature, so we're excited to roll that out.
@jydesign: The # 1 driver behind the new UX we're releasing today is to provide new functionality as you've described. The UX will allow us to tuck in the most requested customer features: -Email Signature Control (standard fonts, fields, logos, social icons) -Integrations (Google Apps is up first although we have dozens of customers using the Gmail integration) -Deep Analytics (who clicked my campaigns etc) Leveraging the email signature for marketing campaigns was step 1, but we're just getting started! Keep the feedback coming!
We've been using Sigstr (happily) for a number of months now, and it looks like the team has been working pretty hard to push a ton of improvements out! Love how responsive they are to feedback and suggestions as well...hopefully the founder (Dan Hanrahan) will hop on here and let us know what's up!