Sales and customer success solution for SaaS companies

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Kristian Tanninen
Founder of Growhold
Hello product hunters! I'm Kristian, the founder of SignupLab. Some time ago we had a vision to create a seamless sales and customer success solution for small and growing SaaS companies. Mainly B2B because that’s where we are good at. Our team has been in enterprise SaaS business already over a decade and we know what challenges a new enterprise software startup is facing ;) Regular CRM systems are based on Leads-Contacts-Deals approach, while SaaS companies talk about Signups-Customers-Subscriptions. Such a simple thing as recurring revenue can be so difficult to track if the CRM does not directly support it! And what comes to contacting, “Send email to contact“ is not enough. SaaS is based on auto-triggered emails, scheduled workflows - or put it in our language: Activity Rules for signups and customers. Looking for more than just a simple activity rules? Connect Activity Rule with MailChimp and you get all the segmented HTML email workflows triggered directly from your sales views. On the other hand SaaS sales is about customer success. If your customers don’t succeed in their business with your product, you don’t succeed either. For improving this there are tools such as Totango, Amity and, and I’m sure these products serve their customers well. But for smaller B2B SaaS company they make things a bit too scientific with comprehensive algorithms and churn prediction. Enterprise customer success for a growing SaaS company is not rocket science. For enterprise SaaS companies it’s important to know your customers almost individually. Getting organised around everyday sales activities per customer is mandatory. But on top of that understanding what your users do inside your app is equally as important. That’s why SignupLab connects agile user tracking to your customer profiles. Add a simple code snippet into your app or for more demanding cases you can also connect SignupLab with tools such as Intercom. That’s our story so far - no rocket science but we are evolving fast :) At the beginning of this year we had the core features implemented and we were able to soft-launch the product. Past six months we have been very busy in development and allowing new customers to sign up, but still keeping low profile in marketing. Now I’m very happy to see that there is a second row of early-adopters coming in! If you run an enterprise SaaS company, B2B subscription business, or any other that fits into typical SaaS sales process, please sign up for SignupLab and give a try! And let me know if you have any questions or feedback :)
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We're currently using SignupLab at Screenful. We used to track signups in Insightly, but there were too many manual steps involved in the process so we decided to look for alternatives. We've now integrated SignupLab with Stripe and Mailchimp so we no longer need to jump from one interface to another. What I like most is the ability to move signups from one Mailchimp list to another as they progress through our funnel. Really eager to see how this tool evolves over time!
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