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David AllisonMaker@davidsthinking · Founder at SignUpFirst
Hello community! Over the last year SignUpFirst has grown into a great community of early adopters claiming the best deals from tech startups each week by being first. Each week we publish numerous startups who are giving away some pretty awesome deals and rewards to their first users. Early adopters can then upvote and comment on their favourite startups, claim the deal and be the first to use the product or service. Over the last few months we have been working hard to completely change and simplify SignUpFirst. We scrapped a lot of features and made the entire website faster and easier to use.
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
SignUpFirst fan here. As a product eval junkie, I love to literally sign up first. Takes pain out of capturing beta testers and users. (Caveat: make sure you capture who the user is so you can analyze data from SUF properly. Services like these attract lots of startup founders who tend to other founders.)
David AllisonMaker@davidsthinking · Founder at SignUpFirst
@kkdub thanks for the kind words. This website was built to reward people like you who like to sign up first, glad you like to use it.
Ryan Heybourn@ryanheybourn · I help startups grow @useinstaaa
I used SignUpFirst for the initial launch of Promoting my product using a cool offer was fantastic, and enabled me to capture leads that traditional marketing could not. Good luck with the launch @davidsthinking. I can't wait to see how SignUpFirst evolves with the new year!
David AllisonMaker@davidsthinking · Founder at SignUpFirst
@ryanheybourn Thanks for that feedback! It is great that you found success in using SignUpFirst. That's exactly what we wanted to provide, an alternative to marketing a startup.
Paul Ikhane@paulikhane · Founder, Petbulb
I haven't tried it yet, but any product that helps startup reach a user who will be willing to test their product is certainly a great idea. Good luck and I might have some ideas to share on user acquisition we can work on that will help mobile apps who are building B2C platfoms.
David AllisonMaker@davidsthinking · Founder at SignUpFirst
@paulikhane Yes, although the platform is heavily based on showcasing exclusive rewards that early adopters can get... for startups who are giving the rewards and deals, getting feedback and an open dialog with their early adopters is really valuable!
Rick Chen@rick_chen1 · making people lazy at
Looks great, I might give it a try for my new company!
David AllisonMaker@davidsthinking · Founder at SignUpFirst
@rick_chen1 that's great, will be great to see you submit it.