Get text messages (SMS) when users sign up to your product

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Cool - when I saw this I thought of the Startup Podcast season 3 about Grooveshark (listen here) where they said they had an alert with balloons for every time someone signed up and when they started doing so well they had to turn it off as it was just too much haha The goal for co's using this should be to get inundated with SMS messages all day, right? haha Are you going to look at doing more batch messages? e.g. get a text every time 10 people signed up, 100 etc etc. ? Could be cool :)
@bentossell Thanks a lot mate! You have a very good point. We built it mainly for side projects, that usually don't get too many sign ups right away. BUT @johannesl is already working on the next release that will include batch messages 😊
@bentossell Hey Ben! Thanks for the question. I really like your suggestion of 10, 100 and counting. Current version doesn't have it but in the next update we will have messages like "Good start of the week with a new signup! Way to go!" and "🎺🎷🎤🎧🎹🎼 Sweet is the music of many new Signups!".. :-)
@johannesl @gregoiregilbert depends what kind of side-project ;) haha yeah I think it would make sense when a project gets traction - could also intro tiered pricing then too.
@bentossell for sure, haha. We just implemented Signup! for Signup! (eating our own dog food). We might be annoyed pretty quickly.. 😁
@gregoiregilbert well this is one of the times where I guess you hope you are!!
As much as bot's are taking over our world, SMS is still the king of unified messaging so love how Signup! uses a good old friend! Awesome work - excited to try it on a new product I'm working on 🎉
@gadgick Thanks Nick! :) We agree: SMS is not dead!
Cool, personally I piggyback Slack notifications for this!
@orliesaurus The thing with Slack notifications is they don't work without data connectivity or abroad. ;) Plus I really like these "app-less" app concepts. You just add a snippet of code and then you're ready to go - no need to install anything on the receiving device.
@orliesaurus That works as well! :)
@johannesl Personally that's not a problem I have but I can appreciate the use case(s) :)
Slick presentation as always
@speed_track Thanks Antoine! I appreciate the kind words :)
Hello! I am Johannes and together with Grégoire Gilbert and Emil Tullstedt we built this side project. It's really fun to make the phone buzz when people sign up to your product, newsletter or game. :-) Keeps the motivation going and we're really excited to see how other product makers will like Signup! Celebration.