Be the first to known when new hot startups enter the market.
We will notify you when Tesla, Slack or Uber’s engineers launch their own startup.
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@delvin37731760 Thanks, Markus, for hunting us! Hello Product Hunters, My name is Artem and I am one of the founders of Today I am glad to present you our new product Signum Startup Tracker. Startup Tracker enables our clients to track the emergence of the hottest startups in the market before they go public. How it works As you may know, the best startups are created by former employees of top tech companies like UBER, Google, Facebook, etc. We have manually selected more than 100,000 employees like that (for example, engineers, designers, marketers, product managers, etc.), and we monitor their activity in real-time mode. Every time any of them leaves the company (change their status on LinkedIn) and starts following investors on social media, we send a notification to our clients, since there is a huge possibility that this person has an idea for a startup, or even a project ready, which require to find investors. This product can be interesting for venture capital investors, accelerators, and entrepreneurs who scouring markets for new hot ideas. The service is completely free of charge for now. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
@g___a I heard about Signum. Something interesting!
@judithmalr98 Thank you very much!)
@g___a Thank you for the interesting experience!
I'm using reports. Good product, interesting to try a new one!
@samanth32936830 It sounds cool. Such reviews make us happier. :)
Hello! Please tell us more about your product. How does he work?
@mistyca21131336 Hello! Thank you for your interest in the project! We analyze the activity of employees from TOP-tech companies. We will find out when they leave work and begin to follow investors. This is a good signal that guys are probably making a good startup.
@g___a What technology stack are you using?
@g___a Powerfully! Good job!
Hmmm, I somehow thought to make something like that. Let's try!
@dinacrabjh93 I hope you will like it.
@dinacrabjh93 Can you do a couple of collaborations?