Signum Insights

Use AI to analyze external environment of your company

Signum Insights is a solution that allows analyzing the company’s external environment at the click of a mouse, it’s when our algorithms evaluate political, economic, social and market factors affecting the company under review.

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I just type 3 different companies and the graphic is the same. Coincidence? Btw, all the info is hidden so there is no “surprise” or something you say “aha! I need pay for this”.
@pavelmaz Hello! Thanks for your feedback! Many things are at the testing stage, so the functionality is completely free. Pro version on request 😉
Great job!! 😊 Very useful for in-depth analytics
@ayush_chandra Hello! Thanks for the feedback! 😃
Thanks, Kevin, for hunting us! Hello, Product Hunters, I'm Artem and I'm the founder project. Today, I'm happy to introduce our solution to you. I hope you will find it useful for yourself. Signum Insights is an entire informative marketing system that allows analyzing company's business environment quickly at the click of a mouse. How it works You just enter a company's domain name, and then our algorithms analyze and provide a final assessment of the business environment status (macroenvironment). The analysis is based upon economic, political, market and social factors. (Important! at present, our AI understands only web sites in English) Our clients get: 1. General evaluation of business environment 2. Forecast of changes in this evaluation 3. Company position in Hype Circle 4. Forecast of changes in demand 5. Analysis of rising and falling trends 6. Analysis of the company's risks 7. Analysis of the users' sentiment at the market Moreover, our users have a possibility to subscribe to important information (signals and insights) from the market of a certain company. For example, you can receive notices of new political risks for UBER or notices of growth in the market of your project. P.S. At the moment, some feature sets are still under development, that's why you can use our solution free of any charges. I'll be very happy, if you can give feedback and tell us what you like or don't like. P.P.S. To get good analysis results, it is necessary that the web site on the company, whose environment you are analyzing, has detailed and clear description of goods anf services. For block (What are the benefits for our clients?) What are the benefits for our clients? 1. Analysis of the company's business environment Flexible analysis of political, economic, market and social factors affecting the company. 2. Forecast of changes in the business environment Forecast of changes in your business environment in a week, a month and a year. 3. Subscription to important notices Subscription to important information (signals and insights) from the market of a certain company.