Signum 2.0

Be in the know on emerging new trends - powered by AI

We constantly analyze over 300,000+ blogs, forums, portals and social media accounts to keep track of the emergence of new trends at the earliest stages.
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That's nice, I would glad to use that!
@anatolycorp Thanks Anatoly! If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.
Your pricing seems great, the product looks interesting, but I'm wary to give my CC info without some sort of sample of the product. A free report trial w/o cc info would be great. Good luck, looks interesting.
@happyjew Please write to our mail: We will send you one report for free in pdf format.
Thanks, @bramk, for hunting us! Hello Product Hunters, My name is Artem and I am one of the founders of I am happy to inform you that today we announce the launch of the new version of our product -- Signum 2.0. What’s changed: 1. We’ve created a handy user account where copies of our reports will be added. Besides, it is also possible to manage a subscription status right from the account. 2. We’ve significantly expanded the number of sources that we analyze. Today it is more than 300,000. 3. We’ve learned how to catch trends at the super early stages using our patented algorithm that analyzes users’ behavior on social media. 4. We’ve improved the quality of forecasts through the use of better tools that we’ve got by participating in Invidia Inception program and Intel acceleration program. 5. We’ve got the hang of longer forecasts (up to 6 months). We will be glad to see you among our clients and partners :)
It looks very interesting!