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#3 Product of the DayAugust 25, 2019
Choose from one of our great looking templates, add in your details, upload a logo, customise the colors and install - all in seconds and with no coding skills required.
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Loving the minimal design and option to email the signature. Great work!
Although somehow adding just LinkedIn in Social is not working for me.. but overall looks great!
Hi! Thanks for building this! I was just thinking about this need! 💕 What makes you different from other, larger signature companies?
@nassaraf our aim with this and the other tools we make is to produce business software that doesn't feel like business software. So I think what makes us different in this instance is just how simple we've tried to make it and how we haven't overloaded the feature set.
Just wondering., how good is your conversion rate with the current price point?
@swsalim not very good! We've tested different price points but nothing was conclusive - people were either willing to pay or not seemingly irrespective of the price. I suppose there just isn't a big enough incentive to upgrade right now and that we should maybe look at other ways to encourage this such as feature gating or premium templates. However, we don't really mind as we've been working on a business/team SaaS version which we hope to launch later this year and encourage a few upgrades :)
Hi all, I'm Shaun the co-founder of Signature Lab. Thanks for featuring us and for the all feedback!