Luxury trackable smart bifold wallet

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Hasin Rayhan
Hasin RayhanMaker@muhammad_tahmid_hasin_rayhan · I love making super cool stuff!
Hi guys, I've made this trackable smart wallet. I wanted to share this with the community for a while but had to work on it till it was slim enough to not be felt in my pocket. I hope you guys will love this as much as I do. It was made to carry mainly cards so that's the inspiration. Then the main aim was to fit as much of your EDC as possible and with the slimmest figure possible. It has inside, a TrackR Tracker which is the one I settled on for the roundedness and slim profile it gave. They have a crowd GPS of around 5 million members so if they walk past the wallet when you lose it, you'll get a notification (they won't). Let me know your thoughts, criticism is also appreciated. I'll be here throughout the day to respond. Best, T
Kristofer™@kristofertm · #6 Hunter. Location-based data addict.
@muhammad_tahmid_hasin_rayhan What are the dimensions of the Trackr GPS dongle?
Tomato Soup
Tomato Soup@8farmroad
Not enough spaces for cards, and I don't think the pen is going to be comfortable in my pocket, I'm also worried about leakage
Calum Webb
Calum Webb@calum_webb
Very cool. Only concern is the lack of a RFID Card Protector