Signals is a platform that allows its users build, manage and test algotrading models for cryptocurrency market with no programming skills. Based on deep learning, sentiment analysis and media monitoring.

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I have to say - I love the colors and design of the site ☺️
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Thank you for the hunt Vaclav, Hi :), this is Pavel Nemec, co-founder of Signals - data science-powered marketplace to help you discover, create and monetize cryptocurrency trading strategies even without programming skills. The whole platform is designed to connect communities of data scientists and developers with crypto traders. Developers and data scientists will be able to encapsulate their code into visual components - indicators - which then could be monetised in “Indicator marketplace” and used by crypto traders to assemble their own strategies in special visual editor - Signals Strategy builder. Our mission is to make even advanced trading algorithms accessible to whole crypto community. That’s why Signals Strategy builder will provide you with machine learning features which will help you to assemble and optimize your trading strategy based on historical data in a visual and user friendly way. If you’re interested how we’re progressing and what is still ahead of us, please take a look at our Whitepaper, where you can find out more details about the product and our roadmap - The only currency accepted on the platform will be Signals (SGN) tokens, which are tokens based on Ethereum (ERC20 standard). Right now we are preparing for the token pre-sale which will start on 22 November 14:00 UTC. I would be very happy for any kind of feedback or suggestions. Thank you! Pavel
@pavel_nemec can you explain why the concept of creating algorithmic trading strategies needs its own blockchain? It seems like this should be a service that works with Coinbase or another exchange. I like the concept, but it feels like a cash grab by forcing the need for your own token.
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@nasherasher Hello Elliot, thank you for your question. We are using the token sale as a way to fund further development of our product. Since token sales and ICOs have proved to be successful, a lot of startups nowadays are using this mechanism instead of classical venture capital, in order to enable anyone to invest. Many new cryptocurrencies will be born during token sales and ICOs, which will saturate the crypto space even more. Then, a platform like Signals (which helps cryptotraders to process all the information about so many new currencies) will be even more needed. We’re close to finishing the alpha version of our Strategy Marketplace, however parallel development of our product and company costs for a team full of AI specialists and trading advisors requires bigger resources than we have at this stage. Interesting blockchain property of SGN token is, that after every payment made in the Signals Platform, a small amount of the currency will be burned, making SGN token effectively a deflationary currency (which would be impossible if we didn't have our own cryptocurrency). If you have more questions about our SGN token, please have a look at this site: or go through the chapter Signal Token (SGN) in our Whitepaper:
@pavel_nemec Ok.. you're circumventing VC funding through an ICO. People buying these tokens will take all the risk to fund your company. Thats fine. What is the utility of these tokens that people are paying for? Do they act like money? The link you shared says almost nothing concrete - the only indication for how they're used is, "as a reward for developing and adding indicators to our marketplace." Meaning its a way for developers in the signal ecosystem to be paid? Once again, I don't follow why this is a token based system. Why can't your Strategy Marketplace be standalone, and let people share their strategies for free, taking a 0.05% fee (or something similar) of any profit from a transaction if people leverage them? This is something you could build without raising $25M. It seems to me that including the blockchain is Signal's justification for raising so much money for the creators to receive a sizeable payout. The design is really nice, but the content is thin - which is a red flag to me. I do love the concept of the Strategy Marketplace, hopefully I am misunderstanding the utility of the tokens.
@nasherasher Thank you for your questions. I think it’s appropriate of you to ask, since we want to provide an absolute transparency to our users and investors. The Signals Strategy Marketplace is only one of three pillars the Signals platform is build on. The main product which we are building is the Signals Strategy builder. This visual tool for assembling trading strategies will be connected to three marketplaces: - Indicators Marketplace - developers will be able to upload their own algorithms and wrap them in user-friendly components, so-called indicators - Strategy Marketplace - any user a who is confident about his trading strategy will be able to offer it for copy trading - Data Marketplace - users and external vendors will be able to monetize their unique data sets by offering them to others The Signals platform will not only provide this visual editor, but it will also empower any crypto trader with strategy backtesting, advanced machine learning features and optimization techniques. You can learn more about the full scope of the Signals platform in the Whitepaper. Regarding the utility of the SGN tokens all the payments in Signals marketplaces will be done through SGN tokens. In addition to that, other payed services like deployment of trading strategy into cloud, using data from prediction markets or sending complex computation into decentralized supercomputer will be also charged in SGNs. SGN tokens acts like money on Signals platform, plus they have deflationary property which I mentioned in previous post.
The mockups and video are pretty, but do you have a version of the product for the public to test before you ICO, or is this another pre-product ICO?
@nneuman Before main token sale we will publish the alpha version of our Strategy Marketplace. More detailed information about the product roadmap is provided in our Whitepaper in chapter Roadmap -
Interesting concept
Sounds like an amazing idea, I don't have much money at the moment so I have signed up for their bounty program - They have reserved a decent % of tokens which is great