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Hi Everybody, I'm the creator of Signal Tower. A little bit of background about the project—I've spent the last year and a half reaching out to people I thought were interesting and asking them to interview with me. The main reason for starting the interviews was because I took at job in Mobile, Alabama. After being in Chicago and Atlanta with booming tech communities, I moved to a place with absolutely zero tech community. The interviews were an attempt to keep in touch. Anyways, feel free to ask me anything!
@SamuelRSolomon Great web design! Wrote you on Twitter :)
@SamuelRSolomon I love this Sam...fellow Product Designer here.
@nicholassheriff Thanks for the kind words Nicholas. I tried to design the best reading experience possible.
@SamuelRSolomon Nice job, I'm excited to dig in!
Looks like a few Product Hunt friends are on there: @mikaelcho, @kirillzubovsky, @SamuelHulick, and @JasonShen. If we had more time, I'd love to do micro-podcasts with more people in the community.
@rrhoover Yeah man, interviewing with Sam was a real blast. He wasn't really trying to make the interview into a show, and that felt refreshing. I think that's actually why I read/listened to a bunch of other interviews on Signal Tower - they are deep and non-promotional. Works for me!
I know everyone wants quick reads and whatever, but it's nice to see that long form is still out there :-)
Did an podcast on Signal Tower and have to say Sam asked a lot of good questions and put it all together in a really nice way. Props.
Had an awesome experience chatting with Sam and was really impressed by his ability to turn it into an incredible interview.
Same here, great interview, turned out a great experience! I wish more had this human touch and expertise :)