Signal by Drafted

Get introductions to companies as you browse career pages

Signal is a chrome extension that finds introduction pathways to your favorite companies as you browse their career pages.
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Very useful tool for your job search, the best way to get into a company is to have a connection there!
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At Drafted we know that getting a warm introduction to a company can significantly help your chances of getting in the door. We see that on average only 10% of applicants from career pages move onto the screening stage but 80% of applicants with a connection move onto the screening stage. THAT'S HUGE. So we built a chrome extension that helps identify connections you have to the company while you browse their careers page so you can apply and then also get an introduction to boost your chances of getting noticed.
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A much more personalised approach to applying for jobs 🙌 Looking forward to trialling this.
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@lachlankirkwood it’s free rn so please do :)
This is so awesome! I always tell developers looking for jobs to find an inside connection. Don't just blindly send your resume to the company recruiter. Signal makes it easy to network your way into a company.
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Just tried it - looks to be a gamechanger for job searching!
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