Signal 2.0

Send end-to-end encrypted text, picture, and video messages

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Signal 2.0 blends private phone calls and private messaging into a single frictionless interface. Works for both iOS and Android.
@erictwillis Where's the android link? I can't seem to find it in play store.
@erictwillis @_mrkent On Android, use TextSecure for texts and RedPhone for voice calls. These are compatible with texts and calls on Signal.
While I like the idea of forward secrecy, and end-to-end encryption of my chats and calls, and the cross-platform nature of TextSecure and Signal, the entirety of my friends list fails to see the importance and value and continues to use Facebook Messenger. I dream of the day that I can use iMessage, Google Hangouts, FB Messenger (or whatever else) to communicate with any of my friends with the same security as Signal offers.
@jameskoole iMessage is pretty secure, if we're to believe what Apple tells us
@adamcudworth I believe Apple, but I can't use iMessage to chat with friends who are packing Android devices. A single, cross-platform, open-source, securely encrypted chat protocol is what is needed. TextSecure seems to deliver that (hooray!) but my friends won't switch because they don't see the need or value (boooo!).
@jameskoole @adamcudworth iMessage is pretty secure, but only when you have a strong data connection between two iDevices--otherwise it falls back on normal SMS. The code is also closed source and their protocol lacks forward secrecy.
@adamcudworth @jameskoole XMPP is present and there are various security features implemented on top of it. But no IM operator cares about open standard since the more user locked in the better. It's hard to come up with an independent business model of an IM app.
My wife and I used Telegram to share credit cards numbers and other sensitive information about our business, but after find out that the app saves on memory the data in plain text and that is in there even when you delete the conversations, we were looking for a better solution, I'm going to give this a try :)
Important private messaging initiative, kudos to all and the tons of work involved for this release.
All initiative about security and privacy are great, but as it has been told above, people don't care about it so it's difficult to engage them to use apps with this kind of value. I was thinking, I could use a tool like this to exchange password or sensitive information inside the company.