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Kirk Cameron@psarahtonen · CEO/Founder- Psymily
Finally! It's a little awkward but does the trick! This is an essential tool for people managing an organization of members where you constantly need authorizations. It might even be good for medical offices. Great hunt Kevin!
Patrick Coombe@patrickcoombe · CEO, Elite Strategies Llc
very interesting, I'd like to see a more comprehensive demo of this!
Daniel F.@deleted-342513 · Squirting mustard on things since 2016.
Tried it by sending a PDF to myself from another account. About 15 mins later, nothing has happened. How long should it take?
Emil SchutteMaker@emil_schutte
@zefareu Sorry about that, I've been working on making it more robust today. Normal reply time is under a minute. Let me know if it still doesn't work.
Daniel F.@deleted-342513 · Squirting mustard on things since 2016.
@emil_schutte It did eventually come, after about 30 mins or so. Thank you!
Emil SchutteMaker@emil_schutte
This is an experiment in removing as much as possible from the process of getting a PDF document filled out and signed. Compared to using PDF software, for the recipient there's 1) no software to install or open, 2) no need to save, find, or open any files, and 3) basically the same experience across most devices. I'd love to hear any ideas for improvements!
Dilyar Askar@dilyaraskar · Canadian Entrepreneur pioneering;
This is pretty neat, but what is to say that the data being sent, like private PDF will not be in the wrong hands or be snooped? Also, for more professional and corporate level stuff, I am not sure if using this service would be ideal... Could you explain? Sorry, not trying to roast, just curious.
Emil SchutteMaker@emil_schutte
@dilyaraskar Sure. Sensitive information shouldn't be sent over email; email will always be insecure. Regarding this service, the server purges email addresses and PDFs after sending the final email out. All that said, I will probably at some point add an optional "sign in" and "secure download" feature for people who need it. Thanks for your comment.