Sigma FP

The worlds smallest, full-frame camera

#5 Product of the DayOctober 11, 2019
The “smallest and lightest body possible” with which one can express their creative ideas whenever they want, combined with a “full-frame sensor” that is suitable for serious occasions
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Woah this is crazy small, I'm a little skeptical about how good this really can be and we are forgoing a viewfinder it seems, I loved my Sony A7 and thought that could be the smallest full frame we could get for a long time, but THIS
@aaronoleary Yes i also wonder how good this can be! Been using my Sony A6500 for a while and thinking about upgrading to a full frame like A7. But if this is really good then I might just be getting this instead! :D
@aaronoleary It's not much of a photography camera. Very slow sensor readout speed (lots of rolling shutter), no mechanical shutter so flash is an issue, no fast AF, bare minimum controls, etc. An A7/II would be superior in everything except image quality, and an A7 III isn't even a fair comparison anymore. Especially after price is considered (fp is only $100 less for so much less camera).
Like all Sigma cameras this is unique and I'm sure it will find its niche. But, at the price, I doubt it's going to have much mainstream success.
Sony has made smaller FF cameras for a while now: