Check your eyesight online

Sight-Check is an opensource app that checks your eyesight and it's available in 15 languages! Over 180,000+ people already tested their eyes. Currently we only support near vision diagnosis but more will be added next.
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This is super cool! What level of accuracy can you expect to see vs visiting an optician?
@aaronoleary The result is compared to the average. It is basically a digital visual acuity chart but it's not possible to get the exact diopter needed for prescription glasses.
Would be interested in the accuracy like @aaronoleary mentioned, but upvoting this simply off the fact that a disruption is needed for getting eye exams.
@aaronoleary @sjackson I'm totally with you. Unfortunately it's not possible to do that with a mobile device, because you would have to use something like a refractometer to get a helpful result. The only disruptive thing that could be done is to develop a very low budget lease that allows you to replace the refractometer. This app is just a replacement for visual acuity charts.
Wondering how this would work but definitely a market disrupting product. Kudos.