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and for those of you who'd like a longer overview, I posted more about Siftery's story on Medium:
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@auren I think it would be awesome to build (in the future) a bot for recommendations.... Text XXXXX 'What companies use HelpScout?' OR 'Alternatives to Optimizely' etc etc Would be awesome :)
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@bentossell whoa ... that is actually an amazing idea. one could text or ask directly from slack or twitter. (or even from email if one was old school). this is definitely something I hope we can do in the future. anything to make the buyer experience better. thx!
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@bentossell you could see what companies use Help Scout right now --
@vammok @auren I know you can see it already, but it would just be a convenient way for people to look up stuff super quickly. Also a lot of companies are/and will be taking advantage of the increasing chatbots this year (check out this post by @chrismessina ) - it is a big movement and with all the amazing data you collect, it could be an amazing addition to your offering.
@bentossell this is certainly something we'll think about! a slack bot in the making, may be ;)
Been using siftery for almost a month now. Share what products your company uses and Siftery recommends you what products to use. You can check out the software products that Uber, Dropbox, Slack, Product Hunt, and 130,000 other companies use. Siftery also tracks over 5,000 software products with a list of companies that use them. For ex, Checkout what products Product Hunt uses, discover which companies use Google Analytics , explore products used by Unicorn companies and discover products used by portfolio companies of 500 Startups & Y Combinator. I love their onboarding. You’ll need to login but it’s very slick. Once you click on a few products you use, you are navigated to your own page and their recommendation engine kicks in to suggest products based on what you already use. P.S They have a huge database of products and now has become one of my hunting grounds to discover what products to hunt on Product Hunt :)
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@kwdinc it looks awesome. how did you discover it?
huge thanks for hunting us @kwdinc! six months in the making, we’re super excited to share Siftery with the Product Hunt community. we created Siftery to make software discovery easier and more meaningful. over the last couple of years, we’ve been lucky enough to see the software-eats-the-world phenomenon unfold. even a small startup like ours uses over 60 different pieces of software to run the show today, so that’s something! many of these products weren’t our first choice though. we had to chop and change quite a few times to get to a stack that worked well and we were happy using. this was the case with our previous companies too and those of many of our friends. so we got thinking. in an era where trying out almost anything is free or cheap, why are so many companies wasting valuable time working with products that they ended up chucking? turns out (this is our theory anyways), not enough companies start out with the right options in the first place. Siftery is our attempt at solving this. by making it easy for anyone to explore what top companies like Uber and Airbnb, or any other company like yours uses, we can get you started on the right track. the best part though is our recommendation engine that suggests software to you based on the exact products you use. the more products you enter, the better the recommendations for you and everyone in the Siftery (and Product Hunt) community. so all product hunters out there, do join the party!
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@vammok it is certainly a good place for companies to start looking, especially if they have no idea. Certain solutions work for certain companies so I like that their are recommendations of others similar. How many software products are currently on Siftery?
@_jacksmith They reached out to me a month back. 500 Startups invested in both our companies. Met the founders 2 years ago in a 500 startups event.
@bentossell right now we track around 5000 products. some of interesting ones you might want to check out profiles for would be (, Segment (, Greenhouse (, Extole (, Influitive ( and Culture Amp (
This is a seriously cool product, I'm amazed how many tools are in the system, I'm not even sad that you guys are going to beat us to top position today by a mile (we made envisage). You're getting a well deserved response from the community for a fantastic tool. Well done!
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@duellsy thanks for the kind words chris. just checked out Envisage, cool product. we're actually evaluating one like it right now!
@vammok very cool, can I ask what tool you're currently looking at?
@duellsy we have Envisage/Elevio's profile here: add a few customers so it gets discovered?
@vammok envisage is actually a tool that is part of elevio, so elevio is the main product
I understand why you're doing this but as a user it's frustrating to visit a site with an immediate email paywall:
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@rrhoover this is something that was very hotly debated internally. we ended up deciding on the login wall to make sure that our early users feel that they're participating in a two-way community, with every user investing at least a little. there are other parts of the site that are open though (groups, categories) and we plan to slowly open up as user group matures.
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@vammok @rrhoover I was annoyed when I first saw this, but honestly, hearing that this was actually 'hotly debated' and that you still chose to go this route makes me even more disappointed. I would never link anyone to one of your pages if they knew they were greeted this way.
@rrhoover the main goal of Siftery is to get product recommendations. and Siftery recommends products based on your stack. so we want to know what company a user is in so we can give them personalized product recommendations. of course, come to think of it, we might want to rethink the login wall on this page -- you make a good point. see our groups page (no login):
building on @rrhoover, I'm even more hesitant to sign up with my work email.
@vammok @rrhoover Understand the rationale but I think at least showing teaser data is worthwhile before the login wall. "Login to see the other 14 products used by PH"
This is a game changer. It's one of those ideas that you wonder why no one thought about before.
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@amiranywhere thanks for checking Siftery out! do send ideas and feedback our way...