Simple bug and issue tracking for nimble teams.

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Hey, this is Garrett, the founder, designer, and developer of Sifter. Happy to discuss or answer questions. Sifter has been live for going on 8 years, but we just released a huge update with quite a few improvements so I figured it was time to put it on Product Hunt.
Happy Sifter user for many years here. For me, the biggest selling point is that it is both client-friendly and developer-friendly. Compared to Github / Bitbucket issues, there's a much better signal to noise ratio. If you've ever asked a non-technical person to use Jira, then you can probably understand why Sifter exists.
Looks neat! As someone that heavily uses and pays for GitHub what would you say are the benefits of moving over to Sifter? Or do you see this targeted at a different market perhaps...
@tommoor There are two main differences. The biggest difference is that Sifter has a "Resolved" status in addition to "Closed". If you're doing strict QA where every fixed bug is retested, that helps. (You could achieve the same thing with tags in GitHub, but it's built-in with Sifter.) We have a blog post that talks about this in more detail. ( Second, if you're an agency or have non-technical team members that otherwise don't have a GitHub account, Sifter (or something like it) is much easier for them to use because it *only* does issue tracking. There are a handful of other differences, but those are the key ones.