Sift Ninja

The smart filter that prevents bullying and trolls

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Jesse from Two Hat here... Excited to get some feedback from the Product Hunt community on our new service. Sift Ninja – A powerful yet simple software service that moderates and filters content. 1. Built on top of our enterprise software's text classifier, 2. More advanced than a blacklist and well-suited for early-stage startups, gaming and media sites. 3. Perfect for live chat, social networks, social games and web comments. 4. Accurate and easy to install filters for profanity, bullying and other toxic behaviours. Aside from the API which you can integrate with most anything, we have a WordPress plugin and a PubNub BLOCK. We are working on code-less integrations for various other platforms. Let us know which ones you're most interested in! Our filter settings are comprehensive enough to please even the most quirky communities. Maybe you're OK with some pretty racy language, but racism is a no-go. Or vulgarity is OK but bullying is not. It's up to you. Moderation is hard to get right. We believe our system for filtering makes it easier by removing the most toxic stuff in real-time. Starter accounts are FREE (no credit-card required) and include all features. You can demo how our classifier can work for auto-moderation here: http://browserquest.communitysif...
Thx for the support today! I'll be here all day for any questions. You can also find us in person at a conference near you: #UNITE2016 #websummit2016 and #MIGS16
Pretty cool stuff, Two Hat! Is it possible to get a demo of Sift Ninja? Or possibly visit a site that's already using it?
@sodanovels great questions... we're happy to show it off in detail. Just contact: To see an app using it, you can try the demo using the PubNub BLOCK ("live demo"):
@jessekorzan @siftninja Cool pubnub demo. Brass tacks... easy to see how it works, and love the integration.