Reduce your news anxiety

Sift offers a break from the never-ending news cycle—a space where you can pause and reflect on the issues behind the headlines.
Series 1 introduces six topics, published on a weekly basis, that unpack some of the most contentious issues of our time.
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Jessica Collier
CEO of Spot, cofounder of All Turtles
Sift is a fellow All Turtles product (I'm the CEO of Spot, also from AT). I'm so impressed by what this team has done to make me feel news differently.
It’s a huge challenge to stay engaged with the critical issues we face without succumbing to the anxiety the daily headlines can create. This problem is acute now as it was when we first envisioned what Sift could be. We’re very excited to Launch Sift: Series 1. For this series we unpack issues related to immigration, guns, healthcare, education, climate, and media literacy. We explore historical background and look forward to potential solutions. We offer a slower more active way to engage with these important issues and encourage you to dig into the sources behind our content. Looking forward to hearing your feedback The Sift team
Risa HiyamaSenior Product Designer

The contents are very meaningful and the illustrations are beautiful.


Love the interactive interface! Super engaging.


I am excited too see Japanese contents in the future...! hehe

Jeremy Vandehey

Hope this product is used by a ton of people so we can all be a bit more informed in the current day of negative newscycles & knee jerk reactions.


Novel and informative approach to news and current events.


Can't wait for more content.

RepsPC hardware enthusiast and PC gamer
Would love to see this released on Android as well
Hunting down comments...