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Sift is a website that helps you find shows similar to your favorites. We provide community ranked recommendations where you can comment on why to watch. Find where to stream shows and hide shows you're not interested in.

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Hey @danny_fawaz & @peter_hsieh_42, How does your app differ from the 'top suggestions' section on Netflix?
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@danny_fawaz @jacqvon Sift is community driven, so you will be able to read about why a show is suggested (or write your own reason if you choose to). We have no incentive to push our own content so the best recommendations should surface to the top (even shows outside of Netflix). You can also hide and filter shows.
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Can you watch any shows directly from within sift?
@pete_walter No, but it will link out to the right show for the services we support (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, Crunchyroll)