Sift 2.0

An app to help hack online dating

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@collinhartigan Thanks for hunting us again! 
 Sift is a mobile application for helping people date more effectively on their existing dating platforms. With Sift 2.0 we have added several new features to become provide a more comprehensive solution to your digital dating struggles. We added a “Text Help” feature to help navigate those early conversations by allowing users to upload screenshots of their ongoing conversations and receive feedback from our community on how best to respond. Additionally, we implemented reddit-style dating forums to facilitate discussions on topics ranging from ‘Date Ideas’ to ‘Breakups’. Our goal with Sift is to provide people with the resources needed to put their best foot forward online and to provide a community to help people navigate the inevitable obstacles of digital dating. 
 Both @gabe_az and I will be available all day, so please feel free to reach out with any questions, feedback, concerns, etc… You may also reach us via email at
Where does the advice come from? What are the sources? Can a collective community really be all that helpful giving dating advice? I'd think there would be a lot of conflicting views. Totally get that some people need a little help with these things. As long as they are not pulling the wool over peoples eyes haha. Imagine getting help from the community, coming across really smooth to your match and then on the date you were complete opposite!
@bentossell Great question! Right now everything is crowdsourced from other Sift users. We use an up-vote/down-vote feature to help surface the best advice. That being said we are starting to work with dating coaches and other dating professionals to implement a premium feature where people can receive advice directly from professionals. We believe that a collective community can absolutely provide helpful insight. Undoubtedly there is and will continue to be a lot conflicting advice, however are hope is that with the reddit-style forums that the best advice will be recognized.
@gabe_az + @evan_vandenberg tell us what's new in Sift 2.0!