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Thanks for hunting us @CollinHartigan! Hey everyone, @gabe_az and I are stoked to be on PH with this new release! As struggling dating app users ourselves we see time and again how difficult it is to objectively analyze your own online persona, especially when it comes to how you are being perceived by your gender(s) of preference. We believe this inability to effectively self-evaluate combined with a lack of useful data is causing people to unnecessarily miss out on countless matches. With Sift we aim to provide dating app users with the data to put their best foot forward. Sift allows users to (A/B) test everything from profile pictures to pick-up lines. The app has other users from all over the world rate your potential content then provides detailed breakdowns of how your various content is being perceived by different demographics, geographies, age groups, professions, etc… Go test out your potential profile pics, bios and pick up lines and let us know what you think! I’ll be on here all day, so please feel free to AMA.
@evan_vandenberg Interesting! Do you have the scale to reach conclusive results on all of these tests?
@msitver Not quite... Although I think our current results can give users a very good sense of what is working for them vs. what isn't, the content being rated isn't yet being rated by a large enough sample size for me to pronounce the results conclusive. We are working to optimize our algorithm for displaying content, but we still need more scale before we can reach the point of statistically conclusive results.
@evan_vandenberg No problem! Can't wait to see where Sift goes!
@evan_vandenberg Any way you can integrate with Tinder to allow users to automatically A/B test on Tinder?
@msitver Currently there aren't any open APIs/integration for Tinder or any other dating app to my knowledge. That being said we are looking to form partnerships with dating app(s) in order to make this integration seamless. We are also exploring the option of providing our service as an add-on or premium feature for existing dating apps.
Really cool, I remember​ a podcast where the guest mentioned A/B testing his dating for best results and this is that all wrapped up in an app. One thing though @Evan_vandenberg please update the app icon and images in the store, the pixelation hurts my eyes :]
That's really cool!
@demoweb_co Thanks for the positive feedback!
This was so inevitable, I wrote about it a few years ago, truly believe if you get this right it'll be a huge business. So much time is wasted on these apps and the behavioral attributes of humans in this setting is not always intuitive, A/B testing is a must, well done.
@ldrogen I will say we were surprised to see that no one had attacked this problem at least in the mobile space. People are currently relying on the incredibly subjective and often times biased information provided by friends, family, and public online forums. The other alternative we see people resorting to is actually paying a 'dating expert' to consult them through putting their dating profiles and messages together. We are hoping Sift can eventually become the one stop shop people can go to and receive objective analysis & guidance.
@evan_vandenberg Not sure de-humanizing dating will be well received by the general population. If I know woman X had a/b tested her entire profile and first 5 or 10 interactions, I'll be honest that I would certainly be less interested in speaking to / meeting her. I may be in the minority, but I would guess not.
@drewmeyers You may be right. Although, I don't see it as dehumanizing dating. I see Sift as a way to gain a better understanding of the persona you are presenting online. The individual still has to choose what he/she wants to present, Sift is more of a means to help people make an informed decision.
Brilliant. Makes me wonder where else we could be applying A/B testing.
@chrisgscott I agree. Obviously we chose to work on this particular niche in the dating space, but I see lots of potential in applying the (A/B) testing principles to all sorts everyday applications.