SiFi is an iOS app that lets you get paid for renting out your Wi-fi connection.

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This looks really unprofessional something I’d expect from a backend dev who has no business designing frontend. Or a shady hacker who has put in zero effort to get inside your network


Good idea in theory.


The design scares the shit out of me. It looks like a Russian scam. There is zero chance I’d give privileged access to my network to it

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Very odd design, seems like it was created to fit iOS 6, before Apple changed their system to a flat and minimalistic design. The only issue I have with this idea is it invites people to connect to insecure public WiFi. If I wanted to get peoples personal data, set up a public hotspot using a wifi pineapple, call it "Guest Wifi" and log it into this app. Simple honeypot for hackers to log all of your internet activity including card details, passwords, personal conversations.

Maybe I'm just not the target group.


I can imagine using it :)


Old fashion design.

The idea itself is not very futuristic, as the cellular data are getting cheaper and cheaper.

The idea is great. The website and video looks to be from 2011-2012.
What happens if someone does something legal on your network? Government comes after you as you are the one registered with your ISP
@tamayers this may improve your defense. Now harder to prove that you are responsible for things done on your network
@tamayers I don't see how doing something *legal* could get you into trouble