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Sieve PRO is a one stop for all tech freelancers which help them will all the tools they need, starting from their personal website, automatic NDAs to clients, client on boarding, requirement collection and call scheduling.

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Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
Looks cool and I think a decent idea... but for now the only things completed as per the Product Roadmap is: - Personal website - NDA Having all the other bells and whistles is attractive but for the basics it makes it a lot $ to sign up for. Looking forward to seeing this grow though
Sanjay Nediyara
Sanjay NediyaraMaker@cod3boy · Co-Founder and CEO, Sieve Inc
@bentossell Hey Ben, missed to update the roadmap during our launch hustle :( We now also have client onboarding and a proper requirement collection and call schedule completed.
Sanjay Nediyara
Sanjay NediyaraMaker@cod3boy · Co-Founder and CEO, Sieve Inc
Thanks Tristan for hunting us! Hello Product Hunters, Good to be back here :) I am Sanjay, co-founder of Sieve. Sieve has been around for over a year, we couple top-notch freelancers from around the world as a team (usually a designer, developer and any special ops) along with a project manager to stop procrastinating and get your projects done. We’ve been using an internal platform for our clients to deal with freelancers and streamline the whole process. Now we think it’s time to open up the platform for larger community and help every freelancer become more professional. SIEVE PRO Sieve PRO is a platform that helps you set up everything and start freelancing in 15 minutes! Starting right from YOUR personal website, Your client can start a project with you, sign NDAs, send you a detailed project requirement and schedule call with you! Everything happens right away! you don’t have to spends days emailing NDAs, or back and forth requirement collection. We’ll also set up a live personal assistant on your website so that you can spend more time doing your work and not answering general questions! You will have everything to manage your freelance business from a SINGLE PLACE! Demo website : I’ll be around if you have any questions :)
Tristan Pollock
Tristan PollockHunterHiring@writerpollock · Venture Partner at 500 Startups
Sieve PRO makes a freelancer's life easy peasy with all your tools and info in one place.
Vishnu Gopal
Vishnu Gopal@vishnugopal · CTO at SV.CO
Congrats on the launch Sanjay and Arun! What do you have on the platform already? Are you asking for money to build everything from scratch?
Sanjay Nediyara
Sanjay NediyaraMaker@cod3boy · Co-Founder and CEO, Sieve Inc
@vishnugopal Thanks, Vishnu! and No we are already halfway. WHAT WE HAVE NOW? - Personal website - NDAs - Proper requirement collection - Call Scheduling WHAT WILL COME IN NEXT? - Lead generation - Proposals - Agreements - Invoicing - Payments
Kireeti Varma
Kireeti Varma@kireetivarma · Co-founder of @TymlineCo.
Looks pretty good for freelancers! Would recommend for a few. ✌ :)
Sanjay Nediyara
Sanjay NediyaraMaker@cod3boy · Co-Founder and CEO, Sieve Inc