Sieve 2.0

A complete platform for technology freelancers

Sieve is a complete platform for running your freelance business without paying a percentage of your earnings.

We’ve built every tool you need to run your freelancing business faster and more efficiently — Client on-boarding, Requirement collection, NDAs, Estimations, Agreements, Invoicing and Payments.

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Hey Product Hunt! 👋 When we launched last time, we were scrappy and had incomplete features, PH and a hacker news discussion revealed a lot of what we were missing. As @bentossell mentioned, it was a lot of $$ to signup for. Now after months of hard work, we're super excited to introduce Sieve 2.0 🚀 –– a complete platform for running your freelance business — without paying a percentage of your earnings. We power the backend of your business, while you run the show. From the point your client makes contact, all the way up to project delivery and payments, we streamline and help you manage the complete workflow — Client on-boarding, NDAs, Estimations, Agreements, Invoicing and payments. We only charge a fixed monthly fee, all features included.. in a simple, streamlined flow 🙌 🖥 Everything starts with YOUR website — Get your free personal website. 📝 Getting requirements over the phone and via email is a mess. We help you ask the right questions and be brilliant with your clients. 📄 Auto-generated standard agreements, which you can edit. Secured with legally valid digital signatures. 💰 Invoicing and Payments from clients to your bank account in seconds. We don’t hold your payments. ☎️ Message your clients, send files, or hop on a video call right inside the platform. 👨‍💻 Looking for leads? We have high quality leads prospected by our leads team. Get new work every week without getting your hands dirty. On top of that end-to-end, 360-degree support, we put you front and center - your clients will know they're working with *you*, not a third party or freelancing platform... and we do all of this without pocketing a huge percentage of your earnings, as we've seen others in the space do. When your clients choose to work with you, they're not settling for anything less than the best -  you deserve the same treatment, and Sieve is here to make that happen. When we say we listened to the PH community and adapted Sieve accordingly, we meant it; we wouldn't be here without you, and as a token of our appreciation, the first 100 community members to sign up with promo code "SieveLovePH" will get: 1. A free month to try Sieve! 2. $29/month thereafter, discounted from our standard rate of $49/month 3. If interested, a free consulting/onboarding/strategy session with one of our Sieve experts, to help you hit the ground running! — Sanjay and everyone at Sieve 🎉 👬👫👬👭👬
I'd love to use this. Was looking for something like this. What kind of payment integrations do you have?
@deenday34830189 Awesome! would love to give you a personal demo, can you please book a convenient time here also, we are currently using Stripe for payments, so we support all major credit/debit cards.
It looks neat. -So if I'm someone who's looking to hire a freelancer, where do I post my requirements ? Or does it have to initiated by the freelancer ? -Do you handle disputes? -How many leads would I be getting a month if I sign up ?
@sanjrng Thanks SKR, we are not a marketplace yet, it has to be initiated by the freelancer. We don't handle disputes now but keep an eye 😉 We are still figuring out about the number of leads, as we are trying to see if we can deliver leads based on the expertise of the freelancer, so I don't have a fixed number yet.
Excited to try the second version! Congrats guys!
@gijo_varghese Thank you! Please let me know if you have any questions!
How come your homepage says "*NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED TO SIGNUP" but you need to enter card details to start the free trial? There's no point in signing up only to see a model requesting card details. I think your wording should be clearer… or don't require card details for the free trial ;)
@ryan_roberts1 We removed the text from home page 😜 But honestly, as a startup, we wanted to see if people are ready to enter their cc details, which means they are ready to pay if the service is good, and they are serious about it, we are NOT charging them now anyway. But even when I say this, I get it about the copy earlier (which we now edited) 😊
@cod3boy That's cool you've removed the text so it's less confusing :) At the moment I wouldn't be ready to pay, I'd want to try it first and then decide whether I want to hand over card details. However, you probably don't want users like me creating accounts and then not committing ;) Your service does look good that's for the sure 👍
@cod3boy @ryan_roberts1 I'm on the same boat, not willing to put my CC details just to test a platform.
@ryan_roberts1 @julia_braga Hey Ryan and Julia - I get it, and since you've first signed up hoping no cc required (and it was our little mistake with the copy), how about we setup a time to give you both a personal demo and I'll give you a few days to test it out? 😊 Hope you accept!