Source the best engineers, without understanding code.

Sidewise is a chrome extension that helps recruiters find and hire the best engineers by analyzing the public code they write on GitHub.
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Hey PH! 👋 Our new grad team interacts with recruiters everyday. I'm sure we've all felt it—that small migraine you get when a recruiter sends you an email titled "Awesome Opportunity!", is looking for someone with 60+ years of experience, and needs you to code in 0's and 1's. We sat down with a couple recruiters and tried to see where things were going wrong. We quickly realized that most recruiters are trying their best, and are truthfully working really hard to match candidates they believe are good fits. Unfortunately, it's just downright difficult for a non-technical person to evaluate an engineer. So, we built Sidewise; a chrome extension that helps recruiters evaluate GitHub profiles and reach out to quality candidates. What does Sidewise do? 💼 Evaluate a candidate's experience level 📚 Show the types of projects a candidate works on (ML, mobile, backend, etc.) 📋 Surface any unique developer insights about the candidate ✅ Display the most relevant projects 👯 Find any candidates who have similar experience 📨 Find top contributors and their emails (sorry ya'll!) for any repo This is our first step in trying to fix a small part of recruiting :) Feel free to try it out, and we will be forever in your debt if you share with a few recruiter friends! Even better if you're an engineer who thinks our algorithms misrepresent your profile—we're still fine-tuning so please do share your thoughts!
Congrats on the launch! Product looks great!
@alvin_wu Thanks so much for all the support since day 1 Alvin :) Let me know if any of your skills need a boost in experience on Sidewise ;)
Congrats on the launch - looks like Sidewise will be a huge time saver!
@capt_hoon Appreciate it Jihoon. Let me know when you're hiring your first dev for Missed Humidifiers and I'll happily help source :)
Congrats! So excited for this! :)
@rj_siu Thanks RJ :) Looking forward to seeing what you launch as well!
Looks promising!
@marta_atencia Thanks for the kind words Marta!