Sideways Mode

Use your phone while lying on your side

When you turn your device, the screen switches between portrait and landscape. But if you lie on your side, it's the wrong way around. Sideways Mode fixes this, so now you can turn your device to switch between portrait and landscape even while lying on your side. This is useful for reading, web browsing or watching videos in bed.

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What makes this app different than me just disabling rotation on my phone? If I want landscape mode, then all I have to do on my phone is just turn auto rotate on, then go into landscape and disable landscape mode, or, if I want portrait mode then all I need to do is make sure to turn auto rotate off before laying it on its side. I appreciate the idea, but unsure of how it would be helpful as I have personally never had an issue with needing to rotate my phone when on my side, but others might, but interesting idea none-the-less.
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@mastemine I had the same thought but looking at the demo video I think the difference is that auto rotate is still on but with a different orientation. I.e. Yes you can turn auto rotate off, but what the app supposedly does is re-orient the device to a sideways view so auto rotate still works if you rotate it while your default is landscape. So instead of just locking to lanscape you kind of re-orient the default display so autorotate works if you rotate your phone while on your side. Does that make sense? I'm going to try it to see if my idea of it is correct.
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@mastemine The difference is you can turn your device to switch between portrait and landscape while you're on your side, which is easier than turning auto rotate on, turning your device, and turning auto rotate off again. Regarding being able to lock your device in landscape mode, Android phones normally go back to portrait when you turn off auto-rotate, so not everyone can use the technique you described. I think the usefulness of this app depends on how often you switch between portrait and landscape. For example, in the YouTube app, you use landscape to watch a video and portrait to read the comments. So if you're watching a number of short videos, you might find yourself switching between portrait and landscape frequently, in which case Sideways Mode would simplify things.
@spspspspspsp That is interesting. However, YouTube and other players automatically rotate your screen for your already. If I am in portrait mode, and click the view full-screen button inside of YouTube, Netflix, or Hulu, they all automatically rotate my view to landscape mode or, on YouTube when you click the view fullscreen icon on the video, it auto rotates it for you. So essentially, I can lock my orientation in portrait mode, and then just click the fullscreen button on the YouTube player and it automatically achieves this, and then when I exit the screen it automatically goes back to portrait mode. But I could see it possibly being used in other applications possible, just maybe not for what I personally use it for. I think a better explanation video would be to show someone laying on their side and how it could benefit them, as the video of just a hand is rather confusing about how it would be helpful. None-the-less, if you help someone else out with a problem that they have, then bravo to you for sure, that is what we are here for, to solve problems for people, and I am sure you solved an issue that some people have had. I am sure you will find success with some, just maybe not for someone like me who just watches videos and plays games on their phone.
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@mastemine Yes, that's true; you can use the full screen button in YouTube to switch the screen orientation. Personally, I would call this "manual" rather than "automatic" since you have to press a button rather than it happening without user intervention. It requires an extra step compared to just using auto rotate (or Sideways Mode), but it still gets the job done. As you've shown, there are other existing workarounds for the problem that Sideways Mode solves. Sideways Mode is simpler than the other workarounds for some use cases, but of course the final decision is up to the user. I completely agree about the video. I'll have to redo it some time. Thanks for your feedback.
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@spspspspspsp No problem, hope you see great success with your product!
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Wow. I thought everyone just locked the orientation for the last... 5 years? 🤔
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@destinerio Yes, you can lock the orientation too. The difference is Sideways Mode lets you turn your device to switch between portrait and landscape while you're on your side.
Great job!! How’s it really different ,I don’t find any use of it when we have this option available
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@ayush_chandra Thanks! The difference is Sideways Mode lets you turn your device to switch between portrait and landscape while you're lying on your side. Which option do you mean?
This is either an April fools or a great example of solving a problem that no one had.
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@mickc79 I don't think you understand the product. You should try it out for yourself
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@pluslucas_ hi Lucas, other than the original comment from the hunter, every single comment has been along the lines of “why do we need this?” I do understand the app but I still believe it was a problem no-one had.
Nice! I remember this is on Samsung phones already. Now time for Apple to make this happen on their phones.
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