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Hi, I am also part of the team behind Sidenotes. Thanks for the feedback so far, keep it coming. We have a bunch of features we are planning to implement, but if you have something specific in mind, please let us know.
I'm part of the team that made Sidenotes. We're a seamless Google Chrome Extension that allows you to take notes in the sidebar of your browser without ever having to switch tabs. We sync with Dropbox immediately, so you can rest assured that we never store your data. Have fun annotating the web.
Very clever! I tried it for the first time. It's too bad that we can't highlight text that inspired our sidenotes in the first place. But great idea nonetheless! Installed the chrome extension and looking forward to ongoing use of this.
@will_lam thanks Will, we are going to be continuously developing on this extension, so this is a feature we might look into in the future. For now, we wanted to give people a simple way to take notes that didn't detract from the web browsing experience.
very cool idea! how are people using it thus far?
@josephkerns we've found that the most common use case is when people are watching videos, or reading articles online, and wish to take notes without have to switch tabs. A few people have mentioned that they have used it as a todo list of sorts to mark down action items after reading an article. Notes are always linked to the URL where you took the note, so you can use it to keep your thoughts linked to the source of inspiration.
@gioismeyo got it - love the idea of keeping the notes linked to the url automatically. great idea!
@josephkerns thanks Joe. We're developers, so we find it very helpful to be able to take notes on documentation for quick reference
love this! would be cool to attach a screenshot of the website I'm currently on and to be able to attach websites like a bookmark with one click (auto paste). Are you thinking about a Safari extension, too?
@alexmuench thanks! In the search page you can view of list of all your notes and filter them based on queries. What we plan, is to allow you to share your notes (with their attached URL) from the search page, which would essentially encompass what you're talking about here ( If I am understanding it correctly). Also, we do plan on releasing a Safari extension in the near future. Possibly an iOS extension as well that would allow you to take notes from within your apps without leaving the app.
@gioismeyo awesome! where can I subscribe to get notified for future releases?
@alexmuench hey alex, we will have a subscription form on our site soon. Right now, you can sign up here...