Side-projects by makers with day-jobs at top tech companies.

Sidemake is a community of techies with day-jobs at top tech companies, building or interested in side projects. You can stay 100% anonymous if you wish.

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Yeah, because the people at Yelp are "All-star" makers. Seriously? Perhaps be more inclusive to the rest of the world, innovation and talent aren't just companies you have heard of or primarily in the United States. "Open your mind Kuato" to who you think "qualifies as an "all-star." This reeks of an attitude I wish would go away in the tech world. Sincerely, Disgruntled, unqualified non-tech non-all-star PS,


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@timmywahba @betocmn when i was sidemaking whilst working at a corp, I would have loved advice from others doing the same - i never felt quite safe talking about side projects at work. I think that's the problem this can solve..more of a support network. "All star" makers seems to be aiming the whole concept at people who don't need that support 🤔..maybe it can be branded differently, so it's tailored to the people using it - then it may not feel as excluding
@timmywahba Thanks for checking it out and I appreciate the feedback. I definitely want to add more companies, this is just a 3-day old side-project and I'm more than happy to learn with the feedback and improve the site. If you don't mind, could you please send me a few suggestions of companies to be added? Thanks again!
@timmywahba @graeme_fulton That's great feedback and I think you're right, I've been actually working on a few changes after receiving similar feedback. I really appreciate it, thanks so much!
@timmywahba I very initially felt the same as you, but pretty quickly realised that if this was just open to any old arsehole (like me) then it would be immediately valueless. The people at “yelp” may not be superstars but Yelp is a globally known brand, which makes it interesting and on point for an app such as this. If it was just an open directory of random people’s side projects then it would be... well it would product hunt.
@mickc79 Hah - I like that. But there should be a happy medium. Instead of categorizing it as "all-stars" at "top-tech" companies, how about tech people working at "Corporate" - that would be more accurate. This is like the underground scene for the people grinding away 9-5 at a enterprise size tech firm, no? I am a big fan of Jam Sessions shout out at @ryanhefner for putting it together. There I see talented people moonlighting on something no one else in their day-to-day know that they are slaving over their side-project - it's quality, it's human, and it's helpful.
The description here on ProductHunt was a bit misleading. I was expecting to at least see projects from the makers, even if I couldn't participate myself. Turns out it's more of a closed community and you can't even see the projects that have been created (yet?).
@joostschuur Thanks for the feedback, Joost! I'm studying a way to start doing this very shortly.
@joostschuur @betocmn completely agree with Joost. Would be cool if we can see the projects from the outside, even if we aren't part of the community ourselves.
@betocmn i think your forgetting other UK/European tech companies
@jamie_ross Thanks mate, I definitely need to spend more time and enable more companies. If you don't mind, could you send me some suggestions?
@betocmn creditladder, monzo bank, yola, ideal flatmates, graze, hellofresh, gusto, ocado
@betocmn @jamie_ross i disagree. We’re getting into the realms of just listing any company we can think of. I’d recommend keeping it tightly locked down to REALLY well known global tech companies. Most of which realistically are American. By the way I’m from the uk 🇬🇧
@betocmn @mickc79 i agree, we 🇬🇧should do something about that
Thanks for the hunt! I'm still testing the idea out so that came as a surprise, but it's a good thing, it will be easier to validate it :) I'm always excited to be playing around with side-projects (and this is another one). After reading about so many that have gone big (e.g. Github, Slack, Basecamp, Twitter, AppSumo), I got excited and built Sidemake in an attempt to have a place for focussed discussions about it. This is just a few days old and I'm starting out with a limited number of tech companies, but the idea is to add more and more as I learn and understand the community. Please feel free to get in touch with suggestions of companies to be added and I'm 100% open for the feedback :) Thanks
What's the story behind making this @betocmn?
@amrith Thanks for checking it out! I've just added a comment about it, let me know if you have any questions!