Sidekicks Co.

Create your own fun holographic AI assistant!

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Create visual, fun and proactive AI assistants (like Alfred) with Sidekicks Co. They live inside our minimal hologram display. We want to humanize AI by breathing life into all the awesome characters you grew up with while helping to solve problems like autism, Alzheimer’s, loneliness and education. We can’t wait to see what you’ll build with it!


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Omar IsaacMakerHiring@omar_isaac · Chief Crazy Officer @CraziesAndCo
Hey awesome Product Hunters 🤘😇 pleasure to be here. Looking forward to your comments and questions...
Hindu H Raj@hindu_h_raj · Student
Wow... AI to the resue again😀 Bravo... great product... lotta applications✌🏼
Devshree Singh@devshree_singh
Fantastic! A brilliant AI work. Will have great impact. :)
Pranav Josè@apranav_jose
Would definitely recommend this to many. Great work guys. Keep it going👍
That is the coolest thing i’ve seen all day !
Omar IsaacMakerHiring@omar_isaac · Chief Crazy Officer @CraziesAndCo
@_crypticaron Thanx Aron :-) really apprecite it,