Airbnb for personal chefs

Sidecook is reinventing what it means to have a home-cooked meal. Our goal is to make everyday life easier, healthier and more fun by making the luxury of a personal cook accessible to everyone.

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Sounds like a great site. Being that there are no chefs in my South Bay area, could there be a way to be notified when someone signs up? For any marketplace needs to be successful, you need balance in supply and demand. Rights now there is no supply. How are you trying to get cooks onto the platform?
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@tomkuhn Thank you! I like your idea a lot. I will have to look into it to see how to notify people when a new user posts in their area. Best option as of now would be to sign up and keep checking in every few days/weeks. I'd need a way to contact you to let you know, regardless. You're right. I need people to sign up. I was hoping posting on ProductHunt might spark an interest in folks to sign up as cooks :) Otherwise I'm sending out lots of emails, posting on social media, and I'll be putting up flyers as well as craigslist ads soon. Always open to new ideas for marketing!
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@tomkuhn New Sidecook in the Bay area! Check her out:
Hi everyone, as a fellow food enthusiast, I'm excited to introduce Sidecook to Product Hunt! It would be great to hear your thoughts or questions so please feel free to post them here!
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This is a great idea. I have a friend starting culinary school in SF and think this could be a fantastic way to build up a portfolio of sorts! Excited to see where this goes.
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@pottsjustin Hey thanks for the comment! I agree, this would be great as a way for culinary students to start a portfolio. I'm eager to see authentic food-lovers of all sorts join the site and share their passion!
@sidecook I would look into trying to partner with culinary schools. Requiring students to "intern" so many hours would be an interesting concept. This would require obvious donations back to these school:)
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@chet_wilson This is an interesting idea! Thank you for sharing.
That's an idea with potential!
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@chefdelcook Thank you! It has been hard work to reach a broad audience! I was just looking at your Kikusimi Knife website-- very impressive story.
look like rich lazy pay to hardworking for cook food.