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Very cool. Always thought about trying my hand at coding something like this but now I'm glad I put it off :p
Awesome! I'm pumped to see this get posted here. As a side note: I'm very, very close to getting the interaction working smoothly on mobile. If anyone wants to help out, hit me up on Github. Also, more themes to come soon! :D
@theericanderson congrats, Eric. Mobile has got to be tough... good luck. :) cc @thetylerhayes (former PM at Disqus)
@rrhoover @theericanderson Very cool. Looks nice. Just glanced at the docs but seems to me that given the flexibility of this it could be paired nicely with the Disqus API, which would solve two problems: A) Disqus doesn't have something like this (not necessarily sidebar commenting but the concept of annotations) and I always wished it did, and B) Side Comments relies on sites for their own users right now; using Disqus' network effects (based on universal login) would bypass that problem. (This is the quintessential problem all non-Disqus products have. Highly underestimated by most competitors IMO.)
@thetylerhayes That's a super interesting concept. I'll check out the Disqus API and see how I could make an additional JS component that hooks into Disqus and uses SideComments. I suppose the tough part is that these comments are tied to an article paragraph (or piece of content) rather than a URL or single article.
@theericanderson Definitely do. It's an incredibly powerful API—the Disqus embed itself runs off the API. We built a lot of fun side projects using the API at Disqus. One of the first things I ever built was actually just some helpful recipes to help people get started: https://github.com/disqus/DISQUS.... It's really grown a lot since then. The guy to talk to now is @ryanvalentin (and you definitely *should* talk to him if you have any questions; he's awesome and even built the Slapshot app for Windows Phone: http://www.producthunt.co/posts/...).
@thetylerhayes I didn't realize the Disqus API was open to use like this. Very cool.
We've been thinking about this too, and we built https://github.com/hull-componen... a few days back to have comments-as-a-service with Hull and SideComments, give it a try and leave your comments!