SideCI V.2

GitHub Integrated Automated Code Review Service

SideCI is a GitHub integrated automated code review tool which empowers development teams by increasing code review efficiency and enabling them to deliver products with confidence.

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Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
Please tell us what's new with version 2 @sumyapp, any promo codes for the Product Hunt community? 😺
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Koichiro, Sumi
Founder, SideCI
Thank you for your comment! SideCI v2 is different from v1. In v1, SideCI comments on GitHub when SideCI finds some coding issues. Sometimes the amount of notifications were overwhelming and V1's customers sometimes couldn't manage all of them. In v2, SideCI will change GitHub commit status. Customers can see all problems exhaustively. Customers can manage issues much easier. Especially issues like false/positive. In that case, the customer can intentionally choose ignore the issue without affecting their commit status. That feature makes SideCI very easy to use. And, SideCI v2 supports new static analysis tools Goodcheck and Querly. These are open source static analysis software made by SideCI. Regexp base analysis tool: Pattern base analysis tool(for Ruby): Users can create there own rules very easily. It only requires the user to write YAML file. Example: ``` rules: - id: com.example.github pattern: Github message: | GitHub is GitHub, not Github. You may misspelling the name of the service! justifications: - When you mean a service different from GitHub - When GitHub is renamed glob: - app/views/**/*.html.slim - config/locales/**/*.yaml ``` These are few differences from v1 to v2. Of course, there are a lot more changes. For example, SideCI can now be used in the Java language as well. Sorry, We aren't able to provide any coupon codes at this time, but students and educators are eligible for a free education plan. I'm very happy if you can use it and give us your feedback. We are waiting for opinions of OSS made by SideCI and SideCI.