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Haha, funny to see Sidebar here. Pretty cool to see it in first place, too! Progress on Sidebar's actually been a little slow lately as I focus on [Telescope](http://telesc.pe), the “build your own Hacker News” (or Product Hunt ;) app that powers it. I'm hoping to circle back to Sidebar once Telescope is a little more mature though. In the meantime I'll keep finding 5 links every day. So far I haven't missed a day in nearly two years :)
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Funny no one thought of posting this before. Seems obvious :)
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@rdardour So true :). One of the few newsletters I'm subscribed to.
I've subscribed to this for 1.5+ years, it's great. I learn so much from the articles there!
this counts as a new product?
@jennyshen if I understand correctly PH is not always about new products but products that add great value.
@adamceresko Also, a lot of PH users find value in hunts like Sidebar. I'm not a designer by craft or training, but I'm interested in learning more. Hadn't come across this, had to subscribe.
@stttories yes totally agreed, these daily quick aggregated info sites are the best. i hit PH, mattermark, now sidebar and a few others daily and i get all the info i need
@stttories Agreed. Sometimes hunts like these are "new" for a lot of people.
@adamceresko Sure, it can be new to some people. My understanding of 'the best new products, everyday' was different then. So I guess it's safe to post products that are not so new!