Sick Day Box

Everything you need to survive a sick day in one kit.

#1 Product of the DayOctober 10, 2017

Sick Day Box is the easiest way to survive a sick day. From ginger ale to a thermometer, this box has everything you need when you're feeling your worst.

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I love it and I'm a Pharmacist. Man, why didn't I think about that ?! This product will sell very well on 1-800 flowers or similar websites. Great Idea!
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@sundaymorningpharma Oh, great idea about cross-marketing with those sites.
@sundaymorningpharma that’s a great idea, thanks for the feedback! 👌
@frantzlight Chris, I sent you a PM on facebook. The product I will be launching soon is here: Lets talk about collaborative marketing ? I think your product has **amazing potential** are you going to crowdfund it?
Great idea! I always buy these products for my girlfriend when she's not feeling well. It'll be easier from now on!
@robbdiazz I will show your answer to my husband!
@robbdiazz @meineleserei Its better than getting a girl flowers lol
I plan to use this in a passive-aggressive way by keeping one at the office and giving it to anyone who comes in with a cough.
Morning PH! 👋 Idea I wish I could take credit for this one, by the idea, contents and overall aesthetic go to my amazing girlfriend. She was in school studying for her Master's in Counseling and decided to build us a kit for those "can't get out of bed" days. 🤢🤧 One flu season later and Sick Day Box was born! 📦 Tech We tried building on Shopify first, but the lack of options and my lack of familiarity with the .liquid format proved to be a pain. We switched to Carrd, stuck with the Shopify Buy Button and saved $20/month! Added a few lines of CSS for breakpoints and it was good to go. Big ups to @ajlkn for the help along the way. 👍 Hit me up if you have any questions, we'll be here all day!
@frantzlight Amazing stuff man 👍
@ajlkn @frantzlight How did you save the money when you still have the shopify buying page? Great product btw

Have a few questions:

- delivery speed? because we don't know when we are sick until we are.

- does box come customized to needs or preferences?

- does guy's box come with a dying will? LOL.


Great idea for certain ages and demographics, like Elderly and Singles...



Sick day, prepper style. Always on standby.