Decentralized storage on the blockchain

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Andy Zhang
@yesokayawesome · Product Manager, OnePlus
Soo, Sia is the new Pied Piper in the flesh? (Not joking.)
Nick Abouzeid 🕴
@nickabouzeid · Social & Growth Intern at Product Hunt
Sia is an incredibly powerful cloud storage protocol built on top of a blockchain, allowing users to store data quickly & efficiently for a fraction of the price of current cloud storage providers (90% cheaper than AWS). The data is encrypted, split up, and distributed around the world to different servers and computers whose owners are paid for storin… See more
Jacek Spikes Wozniak
@jacek_spikes_wozniak · Web Developer
But why introducing a new currency?
Jean-Luc Crowther
@jean_luccrowther · 🚀 digitalrisks.co.uk 🤖
Thanks @nickabouzeid. Does anyone know if decentralising the data means it is immune to DDoS?
Stephen H.
@qberty1337 · Full-Stack Software Engineer
How would this compare to the more developed and widely used Storj?