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Seems like this was heavily "inspired" by I like the one time payment to remove the expiration date. I assume this means you can edit and revise the signature forever?
@xcast3d Yep, there are other HTML email signature generators, but we are planning to evolve this to do things that they don't necessarily do. And yes, the one-off payment means you can come back and edit the signature forever, there's no ongoing subscription. We think it is fairer that way, and we don't expect that this is something that most users update that often. has been developed by the team at Naked Creativity. We built this because we wanted a tool that our clients could use to quickly build HTML email signatures. We'll be adding some more features soon, including the ability to create templates so that all employees signatures can follow the same format. It would be great to get any feedback on what others would find useful and what you think of the app so far.
Hi @askdaylen. Try accessing it directly at
@_jordanchitty Thanks, it works now! However, when I insert the signature into, it states that it is too long.
My personal opinion (having been involved in this sector in the past) is that this is quite expensive for what you're offering. Also the signatures generated do not survive repeated reply/forward against Outlook clients and whilst the CSS included may work with webmail clients it certainly will cause various rendering issues with other full desktop apps.
@jamiequackers How much is the fee? It's off-putting to me that I have to go ahead and create my signature before I can know how much the fee is.
@soerenes It's only $5 (which may or may not be reasonable by your measure) however anyone with a basic knowledge of HTML could reproduce this. Exclaimer, CodeTwo and others do free tools with greater functionality
@soerenes @jamiequackers Depend on how much you value your time :) There's no obligation to pay, but we'll make this clearer on the homepage.
This is really nice. I was chatting to someone who had this exact problem the other day and was planning on hiring an expensive freelancer. Great job. I've passed it on.
@alicelthwaite Thanks for the feedback, glad it might help!
Great job Jordan. I think this is a great little, handy tool and at a super price. Kind requests: I would like to have the possibility to add more fields for my website(s). There's only one now and so I am ending up placing URLs inside the Mobile phone field and elsewhere. Future feature (PRO): - Showcase your favorite testimonials (either manual input or from LinkedIN) *I have just featured Signature on T5