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Unfortunate name choice. I can't stop thinking of
@scrivs yes, you're right. isn't a big thing in Europe, so we only realized after it was too late. For the hypothetic case we would consider re-naming - would have suggestions?
@adriankrion probably a good idea to consider rebranding...
So Uber/Lyft + Shyp ? I'm sure Uber will offer delivery of other goods at some point in the future. I think there is a market for high-value retail items and how they are delivered. People don't want a $20k watch sent in the post. (h/t @justinkan ) Maybe a startup like this should focus on a specific use-case and nail it. Dipping their toes in the Uber/Lyft and Shyp markets will be tough otherwise. Even focusing on European market may be a good way to go as Shyp isn't out here at the moment. (similar situation to how Deliveroo is killing it vs US services coming over an dominating). @alexhanschke why did you build
Hey, this is Adrian of Thanks for your comment, @bentossell. Actually, it's not 100% Uber/Lyft but yes, we're getting compared with Uber for things quite often. However, right now we're focussing on long-distance peer-to-peer delivery, so more like Blablacar for items rather than people. And yes, Uber does have Uber Rush already available in some cities. We've built for two reasons: a. We had several occasions on which such a service would've come in very handy for ourselves b. We think that transportation (especially by car) is super inefficient nowadays. The number of passengers per car averages around 1.5 You may be right about the specific use-case, though. You have anything in mind? We've been tossing around some ideas so it would be super interesting to hear other opinions :-)
@adriankrion well the delivery of high-priced goods could be an interesting one to look at :)
True. On the list now. Thanks!
I want to get this straight (because I am a little confused) You can send packages and car pool? 🤔 Seperately or at the same time?
@dredurr you can let someone who's driving somewhere ship something for you on the way. Car pooling for items :-)
@adriankrion Ah! Now I get it. Thank you. What are the limitations to what can be shipped?
Nothing illegal (drugs, weapons, etc) of course. Apart from that, you can shypp anything as long as you find somebody taking it for you.
so is this basically like a local version of a human mule service?
@marcuscoh it's not necessarily local, but "human mule service" expresses it quite accurately ;-)
How does this differ from @roadie
@mlsj1 it's not that much different from Roadie, except for two aspects: a. We're based in Berlin and therefore operating mostly in Europe b. We're a real peer-to-peer service, i.e. we don't distinguish between "driver" users and "sender" users, they're all equal. This also means that senders can browse through a list of available trips and respond to them directly. Roadie seems to be directing drivers to pick up and deliver stuff from a list of offered gigs only. Whether these are pros or a cons we'd be happy to hear opinions on :-) Have you used Roadie?