Shyp’s Price Comparison Service

Upload bulk addresses, batch process & print shipping labels

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We've been heads down building this for months so I'm so excited to finally launch it. One of the values of our existing Shyp product is that we compare shipping rates across USPS, UPS and FedEx to ensure we're providing the best rates. We realized that businesses all over the US would get value from this and so decided to rebuild our product to offer this functionality separate from our pickup and packaging experience. Now users anywhere in the US can compare shipping rates and purchase shipping labels from Shyp. If they're in San Francisco, LA, Chicago or New York, they can still get our full pickup and packaging services. Along with this release we also introduced an entirely new web experience since businesses doing larger volumes of shipping kept requesting a web dashboard for managing their orders.
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Derrick ShowersWeb Developer, LinkedIn
@jesse_miller2 I've always been curious about how this works. I've used Shyp in San Francisco on a number of occasions and absolutely love it! I've always wondered, though, if the shipping prices are the same as what I'd get if I go directly to a UPS store (minus the packaging and pickup fees of course). I assumed the shipping cost was slightly more so Shyp can make money off of each shipment, but with a tool like this, is that [still] the case? Or is the price you provide exactly the same as what you'd get through the courier?
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@derrickshowers The price we provide is the same as you'd receive going to the carrier. Even cheaper if you hit one of our volume tiers which start at purchasing 20 labels in a month. When purchasing labels only, we do charge a label purchase fee, although this is waved for the first 90 days of using the product. With our pickup+packaging solution, we don't charge a label fee, but have negotiated rates with the carriers, and make our money off of the margin between our rates and the retail rates. Hope that answers the question!
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Tegan MierleProduct Designer
I have a small beauty ecommerce side business, and have been using the awful interface of (we ship liquids so can't use the integrated shopify option) so am definitely going to give this a try!
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Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉
So tell us the story behind this :)
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Alex RosierProtonMail
How is this different than Shippo?
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Kevin Gibbon
Co-founder and CEO, Airhouse
@arosier You do not need a Fedex/UPS/USPS account. Batch printing. We also have volume discounts (5%, 10%, 15%) right out of the gate. Final thing... and I think the biggest is the UX. We have an amazing design/product team that has done a ton of user research to build this product. We also have iPhone/Android apps. And yes you can print from your mobile phone if you like! I think seeing the time and attention we put into this estimator hopefully makes the above clear
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Thomas KimuraFreelance Web Designer
Canada please :)