Shyp Gold

Exclusive VIP product for Shyp in LA

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This is a real stretch for ProductHunt, folks.
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@scorinth Shyp launched quite a while back, I don't think any company should be doing city launches as new PH submissions. Come on.
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@drew seems like an advertisement more than a product. This link is just a discount code..right?
@drew I agree. But are there actually any "rules" (informal or formal) on this?
@mbesto informal rules put in place by Product Hunt team (no landing pages, no pre-launch, no meetups / events). Basically they screen submissions and decide what goes.
Shyp launching in LA soon - giving some lucky folks $1 shipping for launch
@hunterwalk i need some boxes for our boxes being produced in LA. Shyp in LA is good news.
Is this a limited time offer? It also sounds like the final cost is $1. Don't I have to pay for the shipping? Seems too good to be true.
@astrism Yep, final cost is $1 (includes shipping). Looks like you're splitting the cost with a VC :)
@astrism @goeric This is a limited time promotion exclusive to our earliest users in LA. We are exploring what happens when you remove even more friction from the shipping experience.
Just started using Shyp recently, what a wonderful product, and brilliant positioning from a business perspective.
Shipped two giant things using this promo! And it definitely sold me on shyp, experience was amazingly easy